Welcome to Apple for the Classroom!

What is Apple for the Classroom?

The Apple for the Classroom program is a service of the Las Lomitas and La Entrada PTAs that provides a way for parents to support their children's classrooms by donating items from teacher wish lists. Wishes may include specific items such as art supplies, or donations toward class activities such as field trips. Items and donations are used by the teacher to enrich the classroom experience. If nothing displays for a teacher, they may not have updated their list for the school year, please check back soon.

How can I make a donation?

From the "Find Your Teacher" page, choose a wish list from the list of teachers who have requested items for their classroom.

Items with a yellow “Donate via PayPal” button are those you can sponsor by making an online donation via PayPal. Clicking the button will take you to PayPal to complete your donation.

** If you wish to share your name/address for potential future recognition, make sure to click the “Share your mailing address so they can acknowledge your donation” checkbox during checkout.

Can I donate any amount?

Yes! You’re welcome to contribute a partial amount (> $1) toward a wish, or get together with other families to fulfill larger wishes. Any contribution is appreciated and meaningful for the classroom experience.

What happens after I donate?

After you submit your donations, you will receive a confirmation receipt from PayPal. For items you’ve chosen to bring to the school, please plan to bring them to the school office for delivery to the teacher.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donations are coordinated by the Las Lomitas Elementary School District (Tax I.D. # 94-3084035).

How can I get help if I have other questions?

For questions about the Apple for the Classroom program or site, please contact aclassroom@llpta.org.

If you have questions about a specific wish list item, you may want to ask the teacher directly.

Thank you for supporting our teachers!

If you have any questions about the Apple for the Classroom program, or for technical support, please contact aclassroom@llpta.org.