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Padlet Subscription
This is a forum where students can post work for sharing and exchange ideas. The subscription pays for an unlimited amount of "boards" so that we can share more of our work with each other.
1 $100.00 $0.00 $
Virtual Field Trips
Even though we can't use a bus, we can still travel virtually! During the year we would like to take opportunities to "visit" places that enhance our in-class learning. You help is appreciated very much.
1 $200.00 $0.00 $
Author's Visit
We have the opportunity to have authors come and visit the students. When they come, they will talk to students about their books and what it is like to be a writer. These author visits often inspire students to want to read or get them excited about a new genre. Sometimes, the visit comes with a book for all students and other times, students will have the opportunity to purchase the book signed by the author.
1 $400.00 $400.00 $
Fun and Games
During the year I will be making purchases to help make the year a little more fun. Some items, like the paddle, have already been purchased. These are ways to make this school year more fun for our students. Thank you so much!
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