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Other Presentations
I will schedule more virtual presentations/field trips.
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History San Jose
During the second industrial revolution, the Santa Clara Valley became the major canned fruit producer in the country and earned the moniker Valley of Heart’s Delight. History San José will guide students through a family barn and migrant farmworker house, teaching them about how food is grown, packaged, and shipped. Through interactive activities, students will learn how small family farmers used the latest technology and innovations to improve mass food production and create some of the most well recognized canned fruit brands in the 21st century—Del Monte and Sunsweet.
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Hiller Aviation- Helicopters
Helicopter Adventure explores the world of vertical flight with an exciting engineering exercise based on paper models. Hiller Aviation Museum staff conduct a virtual tour of a Scorpion helicopter at the Hiller Aviation Museum and lead construction and testing of a simple paper helicopter. Children measure the characteristics of helicopter flight and make predictions on how rotor size will affect helicopter performance.
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Hidden Villa
Virtual science field trip
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MSI- Rocky Shore
Students take a virtual journey to the tide pools to explore the rugged habitat and the resilient animals that call this ever-changing coastal environment their home.
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Published Books
Students will spend time typing and illustrating their favorite second grade writing workshop piece and receive a printed and bound book to show off their work at the end of the year!
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MSI- Sharks
Students explore sharks and their cartilaginous relatives with an emphasis on the relationship these animals have to their San Francisco Bay and coastal environments.
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SF ZooMobile
Go on an imaginary safari through five habitats to learn all about animals’ adaptations for thriving in unique environments!
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Tech Museum
Roller Coaster- They love to ride them, now they’ll love to build them! Students explore potential and kinetic energy and apply what they learn to build their own roller coasters made of materials they have at hand. Students will demonstrate that gravity is a naturally occurring force that pulls objects toward the center of the Earth, describe and demonstrate the difference between potential and kinetic energy, and complete a given design challenge with constraints.
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