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Virtual Author Visits
We are planning on having at least one, if not more, virtual author visits! As part of most author visits, students will also get a book!
1 $400.00 $150.00 $
Book Club Books
Having students read just right books is very important, but sharing books right now is hard! Supporting our book club books will give all students the opportunity to read more books.
1 $300.00 $0.00 $
This is a great way for children to share their work. The year subscription will allow me to create multiple padlet.
1 $100.00 $65.00 $
Fun and Games
Throughout this year, I am going to buy small fun items for the kids. Some of these things I already purchased, like the paddles, but more things will be coming in the future.
1 $100.00 $0.00 $
Virtual Field Trips
We may not be able to travel by bus, but we can travel virtually to many cool destinations!
1 $200.00 $0.00 $