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FOAMING hand soap in pump bottles
Our school provides standard hand soap, but pump bottles of foaming hand soap will help me make the washing routine more efficient. Mrs. Myer's brand works great and comes in fun scents, but any similar product will do. We currently go through about a bottle a week. 25 bottles total should take us through the end of the school year. You can donate or send the soap directly in with your in-person child. Thanks for considering!
25 $100.00 $100.00 $
Funds for virtual visitors
This year, we won't be able to go on field trips, so this is a general fund for special visitors and virtual field trips vis Zoom. These range in price from $10-$100+ per class. I aim to have at least a couple a month this year. Thank you!
10 $1000.00 $700.00 $